Vital Speech and Swallow
Speech and Swallowing Specialists
Video Fluoroscopic Studies
Videofluoroscopic Swallowing Study (VFSS) or Diagnostic Video Fluoroscopic Studies (Video Swallow Evaluations) are performed in our outpatient facility by our licensed Speech Pathologist.  Procedure is interpreted by Radiologist: Lawrence Chespak, M.D.

Why have a VFSS?
When you have a swallowing test in your home or hospital room, the SLP can't see what is happening inside your mouth and throat. The VFSS lets the SLP see:
  • if food is going into your airway instead of your stomach, called aspiration
  • which parts of your mouth and throat may not be working well
  • what kinds of food are safest for you to swallow
  • if certain positions or strategies help you swallow better

Report and management recommendations are available the same day.

DVD of the exam is available to Speech Pathologist or Physician upon request.

Easy patient access, no hospital admitting or waiting!

Outpatient Modified Barium Swallow Studies
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