Vital Speech and Swallow
Speech and Swallowing Specialists
Adult Therapy
Language and swallowing disorders affect one of 250 Americans as a result of strokes, traumatic brain injuries, brain tumors or other neurological events. These conditions impair both expression and understanding of language, as well as reading and writing. Swallowing may also be affected. Depending on where the damage occurs in the brain, the pperson may have aphasia, dysarthria, apraxia or dysphagia.

Dysphagia  or difficulty swallowing, affects as many as 15 million Americans and approximately one million new cases are diagnosed each year. Symptoms can include coughing during or after swallowing, choking on food or liquid, the sensation of food getting stuck in the throat, pain during swallowing and shortness of breath while eating. Dysphagia can occur following a stroke, radiation therapy for head and neck cancer, surgery, traumatic head or spinal cord injury, tracheotomy, burns and meningitis. It is also common in people with Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and COPD.

Offering the following Adult Therapies:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Swallow Therapy
  • Aphasia therapy
  • Voice therapy
  • Stuttering
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Dysphagia
  • Social communication groups available
  • Caregiver/family support groups
Patients can also receive therapy in the home through XL Home Care Agency

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