Vital Speech and Swallow
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About Us

Natalie Zhitnitsky, CCC-SLP  - President of Vital Speech and Swallow, received her Masters degree from California State University, Northridge Communication Disorders Department in 1994.

Natalie's clinical experience includes over 13 years in hospital environments with neurologically impaired adults, performing modified barium swallow studies, evaluating and treating swallow and speech deficits., as well as advising physicians on diet modifications for their patients.

Ms. Zhitnitsky's experience with children extends to school and clinical settings where she performed therapy focusing on improving speech and language skills.

Ms. Zhitnitsky's career achievements include working as a clinical supervisor at California State University, Northridge training graduate level students to perform therapy on aphasic adults. During Natalie's 7 year teaching career she helped train over 150 Speech Pathologists.

Our Staff at Vital Speech and Swallow consists of over 20 highly qualified speech pathologists, committed to working to improve speech, language and swallow deficits. They are caring professionals  that can handle challenging caseloads.

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